's Anti-Spam Policy is committed to a policy of responsible e-marketing, established on permission-based services. delivers information via email and mobile devices to users who have chosen to be on our mailing lists.

Users have the right to unsubscribe, or opt out of this service, at any time. As we respect your privacy, it is not our policy to send unsolicited mail or SMS messages.'s email services are based on documented procedures which are open to periodic management audit.

Users who register from our web sites or microsites will be sent confirmation email. Only those who subsequently confirm their registration through our web sites or who reply to the confirmation email will begin receiving email alerts. This double-opt-in process means that all unconfirmed registrations are removed after a few days.

Mobile users will be required to verify their device number before we commence their alerts. also operates mailing list services for business partners, providing the same "register-confirm-commence" or "register-verify-commence" subscription mechanism. In addition, requires business partners with existing mailing lists to have obtained authorisation and consent from their subscribers before supplying them to

If you have not personally subscribed to (or our partners) and believe that you have been spammed, please write to You will be taken off our mailing list with immediate effect.